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Et si on méditait un peu?

Aujourd’hui, on se replonge dans nos années métal (enfin les miennes) avec Helloween, lisez les paroles et dites moi si vous les trouvez pas d’actualités 🙂

Kids Of The Century

« We poison our hearts
We poison our seas
We burn down the paradise

We’re stoppin’ good waves
We’re losin’ our trees
The future looks bright ahead
I don’t wonder we’ll go under in this river of lies

We’re lost in this time–we create so fine
The future we already fear
Seems like no way out, seems like there’s no doubt
The future looks bright ahead

We’re the kids of the century–we’re lost in our games
No time for the memories we look in the haze
We’re the kids of the century it wasn’t our fault
Ev’rything’s done mum, we fall
Let’s keep on crying
But sometimes I don’t wanna fall

Ev’rytime when you look around things will smile at you
Ev’rytime when you turn around you smell the truth
But you run away from the lies you can’t say
Don’t run away from the lies you can’t say

We’re the kids. . . »

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Et si on écoutait ce que cela donne (on replonge dans les années lycée là) 🙂

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